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The Second Chance Fund (SCF) was inspired by Chance Boyd, who was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 


In the beginning the Second Chance Fund was created to provide financial resources for children and families suffering with cerebral palsy and other neurological developmental disorders. Through the organization recipients received non-traditional medical treatments and techniques. 


In March 2003, Chance was given the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-are 28-day intensive therapy program at Euromed Rehabilitation Center in Mielno, Poland and Euromeds clinic at North Oakland Medical Center. While in pursuit of raising money needed to cover the trip and the treatment, (which were not covered by most insurance companies), his family, friends and community began the long and challenging journey of raising funds to support the treatment and trip. 

In 2008, the founder was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a halt all funding, activities and resources to tend to the illness at hand. During the hiatus, the drive was there to continue but it would take time and healing to get back up and running.

The Second Chance Fund began again in mid 2014. Although our mission statement has changed since inception, the same commitment still exists to be a beacon of hope for young adults with disabilities. Our mission and passion are to enrich the quality of life for young adults with disabilities through inclusive diverse programs, community service projects and bringing media awareness to the mainstream. The mission will impact positive change by transforming the minds and stigmatism associated with different capabilities in young adults with physical or mental wellness. 

The SCF organization offers inclusion activities to help give back in the community. We believe in giving young adults a fighting CHANCE! We do this by bringing disability awareness, providing diverse inclusion programs, and supporting community outreach projects. We partner with other organizations to meet or exceed our goals in helping support our programs such as recreational programs like bowling buddies, creative expressions (art, dance, media, music) and tutor tyme. We go beyond by provided yearly donation drives to help the homeless community and spending time with the elderly. Our primary goal is to impact positive change in the lives of physically challenged young adults living with cerebral palsy. We also strive to bring awareness on mental health (ADD, ADHD and Anxiety). The Second Chance Fund will network with other organizations with similar purposes to help impact the community at large and fulfill its purpose.

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