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Giving physically challenged young adults a fighting CHANCE!



 You can help in a several ways. Simply volunteer you time, talents       and or services to better serve our friends in need.

  2023-2024 Community Service Projects 




       Date: TBD

       Drop Off Location: TBD


Feeding the homeless: December 23, 2023



The SCF in partnership with "My Favorite Charities" join forces to Feed the Need in Atlanta, GA. Families and friends come out to feed the homeless and support them with prayer and fellowship. 

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Previous Sock Drives

Chance's "Socks for All Seasons" We raised over 2000 pairs of socks for the homeless and CHOA for 2019. Unfortunately, there was a minor setback with Covid-19. We weren't able to hand deliver due to the circumstances. However, we teamed up with a local vendor in the Atlanta area who helped us get the socks to the people who needed them most. Thanks to everyone who helped us exceed our goal. A special thanks to Auburn University Wheelchair Basketball team for partnering with us to our success. 

Chance's "4 The Love of Socks" sock drive was a huge success. We raised over 700 pairs of new socks for CHOA and the Atlanta Homeless community. 

We partnered with Feeding the Homeless Project once again along with Auburn University Wheelchair Basketball, DITR and our sponsored locations Panera Bread and Lakeside High School. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Chance's "Rock the Socks" sock drive made a difference this past holiday season. Chance raised 520 pairs of socks. We donated 260 colorful pairs of socks to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

We partnered with Feeding the Homeless Project and spent the morning handing out socks to the homeless and talking with them. We had a great time giving back and getting to know the people and our fellowship time with the Homeless Project in Atlanta.GA.


The SCF volunteered with their Rehoboth church family and helped spruce up the John's Homestead historical park on Saturday, June 11, 2016. 

The SCF partnered with Golden Living Center in Atlanta to bring awareness to the elderly. Our team lead Sontai-Blu invited families and friends to come out to support these families. We played games, provided light refreshments and gave some much needed support to our new friends at Golden. Click here to view pictures and share their story.


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